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HRJanuary 20, 2023by pragmaadmin0A Fresh Beginning: Renaissance

In this article I talk about what the role of HR is, while giving deeper insights about my approach. I’m an HR Professional and a hard core creative at heart. One makes me work hard passionately while the other helps me follow my Ikigai. And this is what sparked my entrepreneurial journey. I have been contemplating my 9 – 5 job for a while now until I finally decided to take a leap of faith as I handed over my resignation. I knew I didn’t want to be confined to a job and wanted to explore ways to be more creative and look for opportunities to have varied conversations. Having my own HR consultancy seemed to be the right answer to that. I am about Human Relations but with a Pragmatic approach. I think if we work together, I can guarantee that it will be a lot of fun for starters and it will be quite a creative process of finding a solution that is best suited for you. If this resonates with you and you have one of these issues or any other requirements, or people management matters that you would like to discuss, I provide HR consultancy services through my company: Pragma HR Solutions Limited. My profile details the range of services I offer and I also cater to specific needs. Please feel free to Connect with me on LinkedIn and we can arrange to have a chat.


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