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HRJanuary 20, 2023by pragmaadmin0Having Fun At Work!

I had a lovely catch up this afternoon with someone from my wider network and I was smiling when the call ended. It felt like a fun conversation.

Rare Moments at work!!  Even though I had known her for years and being professionals we always got along well. But this felt quite different to deserve a post.

Well, What was DIFFERENT about it?

It was just AUTHENTIC!! Two people sharing updates from their lives and having a laugh whilst doing it. Congratulating each other for our new starts. But within that we also felt comfortable sharing our insecurities without the worry of being judged. As we both knew we respected and valued each other for own places. And just by sharing the insecurities would not make me or her any less or more effective. It would rather be more REAL!

I think this only happens when you build real and human relations at work and not be afraid to bring your authentic self. Also, we really cannot be two different selves between home and work. We are human at the end of the day not a programmed software or a machine. By not being authentic we MISS the chance to connect with others as real person. I do not think its other people who are judging us! Its only we who judge ourselves the most. Whilst by sharing the fear, we only connect with the other person as human. The moment we are being authentic and drop our fears of being judged, the conversation will no longer feel like work but fun!

I believe this can solve half of the issues at work! And most of the employer’s worries for things like higher employee engagement, increased productivity etc would be solved anyways in the process! As all those are ultimately about people being happy at Work and giving their best whilst building great relations along the way.

Well, that is my job done then! As HR! Making people happier at work.

The key here for any Employers, is cultivating such a culture at your workplace which gives people the space to be fully themselves. Yes, easier said than done!

This is how it goes:

People Bringing Full self at work =  Authentic conversations = Real Connection at Work = work feeling like fun!

Easier said that done! Well, then there are tools and theories and mechanisms etc to get to this and you have HR consultants as well to provide such solutions for you or supporting you in that journey.

If you have one of those problems! Unhappy people or less authentic conversations at work. I am happy to have a chat and maybe solve that problem together in bringing fun back at work😊


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